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The fragrances that bring out the royalty in you.

A queen knows she's not fully dressed until she adds her signature scent. Are you fully dressed?

Toshami Calvin's crowning moment came with layers of emotions, as tears of joy coupled with drowning applauds cemented the declaration of the beginning of her reign. Earlier that evening as the contestants had their meet and greet with minister Christopher Tufton and other VIP guests, a challenge to "guess the notes" in a freshly blended perfume by Prince D'Bruce Perfumery was won by Miss Calvin where it was obvious that she was postured to win the crown. Jamaica's perfumer, Prince D'Bruce proudly presented Toshami with a bottle of a luxurious blend of notes fit for a queen, which he rightly named, CHOSEN.

Miss Universe Jamaica 2022 being awarded by Prince D'Bruce

Toshami's infectious smile was also very inviting, setting the mood for easy conversations especially touching topics in relation to her charity. Her passion to work with children with special needs found its genesis in the realization that her sister had similar challenges. She punctuated her dialogues with funny childhood stories of her dad and stringed the pearls of her experiences in St. Thomas with the articulation of a poet. Michelle Moses, owner and stylist of Ignite Boutique recounted the story of her first encounter with Toshami, which was a fitting session.

After choosing a few exquisite outfits and it was time to exchange goodbyes, Michelle sensed Toshami's hesitation and before she could question it the beauty queen humbly asked for the opportunity of wearing the elegant outfits, be extended to her fellow contestants. This attitude was not just heartwarming, but unselfish and empowering; ultimately, it was the embodiment of a queen.

The best version of yourself comes alive when you own your uniqueness. Your scent is your voice, let it introduce you.


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