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Olivia 'Babsy' Grange's fragrance line by Prince D'Bruce.

Prince D'Bruce and Olivia Babsy Grange fragrance line partnership

The Honorable Olivia 'Babsy' Grange partners with Prince D'Bruce to create her custom fragrance line - a scent for leaders.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Miss Grange is as unfathomable as the ocean; yielding innumerable treasures; enriching lives daily from her vast body of ideas and expertise.

Miss Grange is very intentional when it comes to purpose; cementing an unmatched legacy, locally and internationally. Her footprints traverse communities, businesses, entertainment, and most importantly, lives that are within and beyond her designated frame of duty. The commencement of her membership in Parliament does not reflect the date of her service to Jamaica, because she had been involved in the upward-mobility of the country's branding, years before formal institutions recogned her with the deserved titles. She has always generously given her time, talent, and advice and has never been hesitant to share in the breaking of the breads she has been blessed with.

Working in the capacity of Minister of Entertainment and Culture has sharpened her ability to identify high fashion, nouvelle cuisine, and luxury fragrances. This ability positions her to recommend perfumes of unmatched sillage and unique notes, which is now being translated into the development of her own line of perfumes.

My personal take on the subject of her inate gift to choose the sophisticated scents that blends well comes from her exposure to the different climates and how they affect perfume performances. Living in Canada and Jamaica became her school of study as it relates to fragrance performances. These extreme climates not only affect the way we use perfumes but also the way the perfumes themselves are produced. For example, rose, jasmine, orange, and lemon are usually less available in colder regions and behave differently on the skin as the climate changes.

Minister Grange has had a long career in artist development and this responsibility came with having to dress and apply fragrances to artists, or at times just giving her feedback, knowing that her decision would affect the lifestyle portrayed by the artist(s) and the trend that he/she would set from what they exuded. She has always been at the helms of the ships she sailed in, and it is with these years of experience that she has now blossomed into a connoisseur.

She decided to create her own line of perfume for the perfume enthusiasts that want to stand out, as well as make bold and unique statements with bespoke fragrances. She co-founded Contrast, Canada’s first black community newspaper, and was the Chief Executive Officer of Specs Limited and Spec-Shang Music. She also served as Executive Director of Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Cultural Director of West Kingston Community Cultural Development Programme, Public Relations Officer for West Kingston Trust, Arts Officer for The Institute of Jamaica, and now she is advancing brand Jamaica with her own line of perfume.

The scent profile emphasizes notes that color the experience of every Jamaican that had their full share of citrus, cinnamon, hot chocolate, and the herbaceous plants while growing up. It conjurs memories that make you smile to yourself as the imagination replays the happy moments. It is the scent for the quintessential connoisseur that will delight the senses and produce a sense of responsibility to be a difference maker.

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