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Prince D'Bruce and Suana Callum

20 year old entrepreneur Suana Callum creates her perfume brand in Jamaica.

Being the only company in Jamaica that creates, customizes and teaches Perfumery, comes with an inherent responsibility to empower individuals, corporate and perfume enthusiasts with their signature scent(s) across the Island. The power of scent is next to none, it's one of our first learning tools and it shapes our behavior to impulses and trigger responses in multiple ways. It is known that no one is completely dressed until they add their fragrance, which dictates the power of their presence in any given space.

Suana Callum, introduced herself to me without saying a word; her scent was her voice as she strutted across the Susie's lounge at Southdale plaza with her crown and sash fitted to her, flawlessly, giving nothing but queen vibe. Most noticeably for me were the subtle flowery notes of her perfume that lingered even after she passed me with her proud mom. I wanted to add some amber with a bit of Oud to whatever she was wearing, just to make her perfume unique to her.

Being passionately involved in pageants, education and philanthropic causes I asked about the importance of the crown that she so confidently wore and the conversation segue to her charity and I knew right then that I wanted to empower her further. Here was a 20 year old young lady making her strides on the runway of life as a model, makeup artist, etiquette coach and Go-kart racer and finding time to visit schools to motivate, and give back.

I knew I wanted her to be part of the legacy I'm creating in Jamaica, so our next meetings were about the creation of her own perfume, INFLUITIVE. Suana knew the direction she wanted to go in as it relates to the notes and the statement she wanted her fragrance to make. As soon as she smelled the coffee and cinnamon, the Déjà vu of her grandmother's cooking made her emotional.

For more about Suana's story, you can read an in-depth article posted on Our Today

If you would like to book an appointment to create your own perfume for brand development or personal use, click on the following link: Book Now


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